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Shenzhen   Zenith Ltd is specialized in precision vertical machining centers ZENITH brand development and manufacture of high-tech companies , the device has a high rigidity , high accuracy, high stability and other characteristics, is ideal for batch processing precision electronic exterior structures.  

         Zenith is  a world-class manufacturer of CNC machine tools  it maintain close strategic cooperation , agents and sales in Japan far states, Japan, KIWA, Lai Chi Taiwan , Taiwan Cheng Tai and other brands of machine tools, metalworking to provide customers with complete solutions .

         Acting on the basis of manufacturing and sale of precision CNC machine tools , the development of sophisticated electronic components appearance complete machining solution batch precision machining of aluminum , copper , stainless steel, liquid metal ( amorphous alloy ) and other metal exterior structural components of electronic products , according to customer requirements for surface treatment, metal appearance and structure to provide support services for domestic electronics industry giants.

Zenith   International ( HK ) Ltd.

Address: No. 90 Jaffe Road , Wanchai , Hong Kong , Room 1701 , 17th Floor, Henan Building

Phone : +852-58042046
Fax : +852-30195857
Electrical Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City Zenith

Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen , Guangdong Province Science Park, 10 South Road, Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology , third floor , Block A

Phone:0755 86022915 
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Zenith International ( HK ) Co., Ltd.

Guangdong ICP No. 05116653

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